Making Love Tips Getting Rid of Boredom

When we are in the throes of lovemaking, nothing else matters, it is a magical experience where we forget all of our cares and worries, it is as if time itself stands still. The act of sex in itself is a very important part of relationships, and a relationship without it is doomed to fail. Knowing some basic making love tips can help.

One of the most common causes of relationship failure is a lacking or dissatisfaction in the love life. It could be that the physical attraction is not there any more, or the sexual contact itself becomes repetitive and boring.

The purpose of this article is to recognize the signs of beginning problems, and take the steps to reverse them. Having problems with physical intimacy in a relationship does not have to mean a end to the relationship itself. All relationships will run into problems at one point or another in fact in a recent poll by the Journal of the American Medical Association, nearly 43% of women and 31% of men polled were sexually dysfunctional.

One complaint that I hear often from couples is that one partner or the other is feeling pressure into having sex. Sex is a two way street, and if both partners are not enjoying the act, problems will soon arise. Open communication is the key to solving the pressure issue, couples must communicate, and a agreement must be met that is satisfactory to both parties. Pushing the other into doing something they do not enjoy will create problems in the sexual intimacy department.

Another complaint that is common among couples is boredom or a lack of interest in sex. The number one cause of boredom in the bedroom is routines. Routines start forming when the couple stops trying out new things, and exploring new aspects of sexuality. Boredom is one of the easiest of the problems to fix, it is a simple matter of trying out new things such as new positions, or new places to have sex.

Some quick making love tips that you and your partner can do to put an end to the boredom are as follows:

  • Make love in a different room in your house every night, until all of the rooms are christened.
  • Leave sensual, teasing notes for your partner to find.
  • Give your partner a sensual massage.
  • Take a bath or shower together.
  • Put a blanket out in your backyard on a clear night and share a bottle of wine.
  • Buy a lovemaking technique book, and read it with your partner.

Simply making a few changes in your sexual routines can put the fun and excitement back into your love life. Now listen closely because I have a real treat for you. How about a guide that has 500 tips written by a well known sex therapist, that can easily have your sexual relationship soaring to new heights.