Love Tips Where Do You Get Yours

Where do you get yours?

We are all used to hearing love tips from a ton of different sources in our life. Many women have built most of the know-how about relationships and men through love tips given in magazines. Others have taken them from TV, friends, family, and everything in between. At first sight this doesn’t appear to be a big deal. After all, whoever is giving you the advice has your best interests at heart right? They may or they may not, what we do know is that 95% of the advice given by such sources is misguided or just plain wrong. Not only that, but it rarely fits with who we are. If you’ve ever taken advice from someone about your love life and felt like it just didn’t fit with who you are as a person and what you believe, its probably because it was generic advice which didn’t necessarily apply to you.

Who we choose to get our love tips from is more important than most people realise, because it affects our whole love life and the results we get from it! Just as talking to an estate agent in the wrong area can land you with a bunch of houses which aren’t right for you, talking to the wrong sources about your love life will land you with a bunch of guys who are not compatible with you.

Get your love tips from REAL role models:

Its time to start choosing very carefully who we get our love tips from. Role models are key, but make sure they are role models in the right area! Your parents may have been spectacular role models for you in certain areas growing up, such as your career choices, but if their relationship isn’t exactly your ideal for yourself then they may not be your best role models for your own love life. Some of our clients tell us that they have been to see a phycologist at some point in their lives for their love life. Phycologists can tell you a lot about how you think, and why you do the things you do, but does this mean they can give you practical love tips and solutions to your dating problems? Unlikely. Unless that is they have extraordinary abilities in their dating abilities themselves. Does this sound like any phycologist you’ve ever heard of?

The same goes for your friends. Your friends may be in relationships themselves, and all too willing to unload some of their profound dating knowledge onto you. In fact, you may have have one or two particular friends who ram their solutions down your throat every time you come up against a hurdle in your dating life. But look very carefully and assess whether they themselves are people you should be modeling in this area. If the answer is no then you should probably look to get your love tips elsewhere.

We urge you to add up all the dating advice and love tips you’ve been given over the years and then ask yourself this question: “How much has all this advice genuinely helped me?” Most people’s answer is, sadly, “not a lot”. The solution? Hunt out people who have the success you desire in this area, ask their opinions, get into their mentality. At the very least observe them in the environments where they socialise and watch what they do differently to other people. You should even try some of their techniques on for size and see if they fit with you. You may see extraordinary results from the smallest change. Changing is never as difficult as finding out what it is you’re supposed to change. That’s what we specialise in: Taking an objective stance and telling you, with total honesty (something you rarely get from those close friends and family), where you are going wrong; then we give you the tools to change it. So find role models, make friends with them, model their behaviour, and if you fancy taking a trip to the city to see what we can do for you, we’d love to hear from you. Why not see if our love tips can give you the success you’ve been waiting for?