Love Tips That Will Make Him Fall For You

Do you wish you knew how to make him fall for you? Are you jealous of your friends that have found themselves loving relationships? Do you have trouble creating a lasting bond with a man? Learn what the naturals know about making him fall for you.

Emotional bonding

Physical attraction will ignite a fire in your man but won’t keep him around when the raging fire dies down. To keep him grounded in your relationship you need to emotionally bond with him. Emotional bonds tie two people together intellectually and emotionally and are based on a friendship.

As friends you will learn how he thinks and feels as well as what drives him. Learning his hopes and his dreams and taking an interest in his hobbies and the things that excite him will draw him closer to you. Telling him all about what drives you will make him feel closer to you and will allow you to openly and honestly tell him how you feel and what you would like from the relationship.

Be honest and straightforward

If you lie to him or subvert the truth, he will not want to be with you. Men want women to be honest with them and straightforward. If you can’t do this then maybe you should take some time to yourself until you can do this. No relationship entered into under false pretenses will last for very long.

Postpone sex

You’ve heard it again and again. When you want to form a deeper bond with someone, wait to have sex. The reason it works is that if sex isn’t an issue you can spend your time learning about each other and when you do enjoy that intimacy it will deepen your connection with each other rather than leave you wondering if he’s just there for the sex.

Sometimes you go home with a one-night stand and don’t realize until after you’ve done the deed that you actually like the guy enough to want more with him. So now what do you do? Stop having sex?

In this case if you stop having sex it may seem to him that you are holding back sex to get him to commit to you. You never want to use sex in this way or it will damage a relationship. Rather just try to encourage adding more public dates that don’t necessarily end with sex to your calendar. It may take longer to develop the emotional bond this way but it is worth it.

You too can be a natural when it comes to making him fall for you. Just follow these love tips and you will be moving forward into a whole new world filled with love.