Love Tips For Women How to Get Your Man to Commit

Is there anything more frustrating than dating a man for months or worse, for years, with absolutely no mention of a long term commitment? Some men just don’t seem willing to take that walk down the aisle and most of us women are quick to place all that blame on them. It takes two to decide to get married, so maybe it also takes two to sit on the brink of marriage for months or years. If you’re feeling stuck in a relationship with a man you love who seems afraid of commitment there are a few love tips for women that you need to be aware of.

One of the best love tips for women in a relationship with a noncommittal man is to focus on your own life. When you make it clear to a man that you are crazy about him, he’ll see no reason to keep chasing you. Consider the dynamic of your relationship with your man to this point. There’s a very good chance that you tell him often how much he means to you. You’re also likely dating him exclusively. Both of these are clear signs to him that he has you. He sees no reason to move things forward if he already has won your heart. You can remedy this by spending more time focusing on yourself and your own interests. Stop being available to him whenever he wants. Make a point of spending evenings out with your girlfriends. Put a little doubt in his mind and he’ll start to wonder about you having other options.

Make your own plans for the future. If the man you are with hasn’t expressed any views on how he sees his future with you, plan your own future. This can include just about anything from enrolling back in school to upgrade or taking a vacation without him. One of the best love tips for women who want a commitment is take control of your own future. Don’t wait for him to decide what you two will be doing next month, next year or in five years. Plan things just for yourself and then let him know. Make no excuses for it. Make it clear to him that you are your number one priority. Once he sees that you are moving forward without considering him, he’ll be more inclined to want to commit.