Love Tips For Women

Love is a feeling that shows its presence by the deeds that are done in (and by) love and by the words that are spoken. The presence of love is familiar in life but defining it in words is often very difficult… but we all know what it is; don’t we? What are some things that women need to know about love? What are some love tips for women?

1. You must first love yourself! We want him to love us so that we can feel better about ourselves and our lives… don’t we? But love tip no.1 is that it is your responsibility to love and appreciate yourself as a woman and as a person before you can expect him to love you. Expecting him to love you enough for both of you is too heavy a burden for him… and he will run or treat you badly.

2. Loving him is not the same as passively agreeing with him all the time! Women often think that the less trouble that they are… and the more amicable and agreeable they are to the man… then they are loving him selflessly. This is simply giving up your feelings and your self-esteem in the name of love and unfortunately it does not work.

3. His deeds speak more powerfully than his words. Love tip no.3 is that talk is cheap. If he tells you how much he loves and cherishes you and then emotionally and physically abuses you then he is lying to you… he really does NOT love you!

4. You cannot tame the bad boy. Some women want to know that a bad boy so loved them that they gave up their bad ways for them. There is an emotional high that comes from knowing that your love tamed the bad boy… but it rarely works. Usually you become another female wreckage statistic in the bad boy’s past.

5. You CAN love too much! Love tip no.5 is that you can give up your feelings, dreams, aspirations and even self-esteem in the misguided notion that you are loving him. You are not loving him… you are being his slave!

6. He cannot make up for deficiencies in your life. Asking a man to make up for what is not working in your life is too heavy a burden to lay on him. Another love tip is that if you are unhappy with your career or your living situation or whatever… change it; don’t expect your man to ride in and sort it out for you!

7. He cannot read your mind no matter how much he loves you. Yes we ALL wish that we were in a relationship with a mind reader who knew all our expectations of him… and who knew what we wanted when we wanted it. But love tip no. 7 is that his love for you does NOT make him psychic!