Love Tips For a Long Lasting Relationship

An enduring love relationship is built with passion and care, with lots of respect and forgiveness for each other. There are no miracles and no fairy tales in real life love relationships.

Here are some love tips on how to keep the love fire sparking romantically in your daily life:

1. Arrange romantic plans for the weekends such as: a quiet candle light dinner on Friday evening, catching up a romantic movie together, cycling around the country side or having a nice picnic in the park under the big oak tree.

2. Try to switch off your mobiles so that you will not be distracted by any other stuff especially those from your work place.

3. Try to secure as much time as possible having both of you alone, send your kids to their favorite recreation centre during school holidays or weekends.

4. Catching up an old classic sentimental movie at home, which both of you used to be fond of, sharing those happy memories of yours with each other.

5. Share jokes with your partner and laugh out together. Add humor to your life.

6. Switch roles during weekends, husbands get to cook and wash for their wives while the wives gets to do some of the stuffs which their husbands used to do during the weekends such as washing the cars and taking the dogs for a walk in the park.

7. Listen to your favorite music together, sharing some of the stories which you can recall happening to your children which were hilarious and laugh together.

8. Pick up a dancing class together such as ball-room dancing or cha-cha. You will soon rediscover the lost love in each other eyes while practicing along with the rhythm of the song played.

9. Surprise him / her with new ideas such as: he can try to learn to “bake” her favorite cake, while she can get him something which he has been longing for, such as unique collections of toy cars. Tiny gestures like these are important for they show how much you care for your other spouse.

10. Send her / him love cards every other day with kind loving words full of appreciation and passion. You do not need to wait for his/her birthday or wedding anniversary to send special cards or gifts. Express your love whenever you can and as much as you could.