Break Out of Bedroom Boredom With These Making Love Tips

Remember back when we first got together with our spouse, girlfriend or partners, nothing could go wrong, and everything the other did was cute, including the bad habits, no making love tips needed. However things change quickly, and what used to be cute is now annoying, what used to be fun and exciting, has become boring, and rest assured, that a relationship on this path is most likely to fail. The divorce rate in the U.S. alone is about 50% of first marriages for men under age 45 may end in divorce, and between 44 and 52% of women’s first marriages may end in divorce for these age groups.

The number one cause of relationship failures is financial problems, with the number two cause being boredom or loss of interest in sex. In this article we will discuss correcting the second most popular reason for breakups, and that is sex life boredom.

Let’s take a small poll right now, and see where you fit in the scope of sexual relationships.

– Do you always have sex in the same place?
– Do you always have sex in the same position or 2?
– Do you always have sex around the same time?
– Does the woman have an orgasm 75% of the time?
– Do your lovemaking sessions ever last more than 30 minutes?

Routine in the bedroom results in boredom, Boredom in the bedroom results in lack of interest, Lack of interest results in relationship failures.

Is your relationship on this path? If so I plan on giving you some making love tips to break out of this rut.

The easiest thing to do, to break monotony in our love lives is have sex in a different place, how easy can it get? There are more rooms in your house than the bedroom, try making love in the shower with the water falling on your head, how about in the bathtub, or in the backyard, Use a tent if you live in a crowded neighborhood. Just by changing the place, will result in new excitement added back into your love life.

Try out some different positions, do you know the positions that give better access to women’s g-spot? Do you even know where the woman’s g spot is? There are positions that are great for guy’s who are a little smaller than average, and positions that are good for guy’s who are a bit on the larger size, chose ones that suit your situation. Painful sex is not enjoyable sex, and can quickly cause a loss of interest.

Did you know that the average woman takes 15-20 minutes of stimulation to achieve an orgasm, guy’s take 3-5. This a large gap that has to be bridged, if you are not bridging this gap, your relationship will be turning for the worse. Women take a lot of foreplay while men do not, sex is 75% mental and 25% physical, learn to stimulate the mind before getting down to the physical.

This is just a small few steps that can improve situations in your love life 100%, but what if I was to tell you that you could take your sex life up a notch to new heights that you and your partner thought not possible. There is a collection of 500 tips and hints on every aspect of the sex life, compiled by a professional certified sex therapist. This could be the most important message you could ever receive.