Romantic Rescue Do You Know How to Reboot Your Love Life With 3 Love Tips

If you’re blissfully happy in your romantic relationship, you’re on the right track–so carry on. If you feel off track or stuck in a dead-end dating or relationship rut, you can change course and start fresh. Find out how to press the reset button and reboot your love life now.

How do you “reboot” your love life?

You can make better choices that attract your great love and spark a lasting Fire of Love in your romantic relationship.

It’s not quite as simple as pressing a Reset Button on your computer. Yet you can start fresh in your dating life or rescue a romantic relationship when you use these 3 Love Tips:

1. Fall In Love Again, With Yourself

Rebirth comes from tears you’ve cried
Sleeping dreams can be revived
You can become what you might have been
Once you fall in love with yourself again –In Love Again

The song, “In Love Again”, reminds you to grow from life’s sorrows and challenges, to revive your dreams and become your best you, to know and love the wonders of you. That’s when you are free to love someone truly, freely and deeply.

2. Strengthen Your Strengths

Take a personal inventory of your best qualities, core values, special talents, loving actions that you bring to a relationship.

Know that your dominant vibration always wins. So rev up your good qualities and send out good vibrations that will attract your great love and spark lasting love in a relationship. In doing so, any weakness loses importance.

3. Connect in Romantic Ways

If you’re single, you can add a spirit of romance to your quest to meet your great love. Speak from your heart and core values when you write your online dating profile, in casual conversations with potential love matches, and when you meet your great love.

You will spark the fire of love in a new or existing relationship when you plan weekly dates that add fun and increase intimacy with your partner.

Special dates don’t have to cost a dime, if you’re creative. I created the Love List Game: Holding your partner’s gaze and speaking tenderly, take turns saying one thing that you love best about your beloved. Hopefully, you’ll have a long list of loving attributes that inspire greater feelings of love. Clothing is optional as you play the Love List Game.

Add tender moments to spark up your daily connection with your partner. One lovely ritual that bonds and relaxes a couple is to sit at either ends of a couch while you massage each others feet and share news of your day.

Will you use these 3 Love Tips to start fresh and spark the Fire Of Love in your romantic relationship?

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The Singles Club was created by author, Hadley Finch–a real-life Carrie Bradshaw who writes about love and relationships. Hadley’s articles, podcasts, songs like FIRE OF LOVE and novel, TRIBE OF BLONDES, are inspired by her online dating adventures in 3 continents and 200 blind dates after her long marriage ended in divorce.

Making Love Tips Getting Rid of Boredom

When we are in the throes of lovemaking, nothing else matters, it is a magical experience where we forget all of our cares and worries, it is as if time itself stands still. The act of sex in itself is a very important part of relationships, and a relationship without it is doomed to fail. Knowing some basic making love tips can help.

One of the most common causes of relationship failure is a lacking or dissatisfaction in the love life. It could be that the physical attraction is not there any more, or the sexual contact itself becomes repetitive and boring.

The purpose of this article is to recognize the signs of beginning problems, and take the steps to reverse them. Having problems with physical intimacy in a relationship does not have to mean a end to the relationship itself. All relationships will run into problems at one point or another in fact in a recent poll by the Journal of the American Medical Association, nearly 43% of women and 31% of men polled were sexually dysfunctional.

One complaint that I hear often from couples is that one partner or the other is feeling pressure into having sex. Sex is a two way street, and if both partners are not enjoying the act, problems will soon arise. Open communication is the key to solving the pressure issue, couples must communicate, and a agreement must be met that is satisfactory to both parties. Pushing the other into doing something they do not enjoy will create problems in the sexual intimacy department.

Another complaint that is common among couples is boredom or a lack of interest in sex. The number one cause of boredom in the bedroom is routines. Routines start forming when the couple stops trying out new things, and exploring new aspects of sexuality. Boredom is one of the easiest of the problems to fix, it is a simple matter of trying out new things such as new positions, or new places to have sex.

Some quick making love tips that you and your partner can do to put an end to the boredom are as follows:

  • Make love in a different room in your house every night, until all of the rooms are christened.
  • Leave sensual, teasing notes for your partner to find.
  • Give your partner a sensual massage.
  • Take a bath or shower together.
  • Put a blanket out in your backyard on a clear night and share a bottle of wine.
  • Buy a lovemaking technique book, and read it with your partner.

Simply making a few changes in your sexual routines can put the fun and excitement back into your love life. Now listen closely because I have a real treat for you. How about a guide that has 500 tips written by a well known sex therapist, that can easily have your sexual relationship soaring to new heights.

Love Tips For Men You Know You Love Her How Do You Convince Her to Feel the Same

Heeding sound love tips for men can make the difference between an unexchanged avowal of feelings and a couple reaching a relationship milestone by swapping ‘I love yous.’ But when is it the right time to spring these monumental three words on? Conventionally speaking, a man carries the burden of making his declaration of love known to his partner first-and hopefully, the feelings are mutual. If the female concerned isn’t sending out crystal clear vibes that reciprocate a man’s deepest sentiments, then how can he shift the relationship tides so that both of them end up expressing love for each other in perfect unison? Here are ways to improve a man’s relationship selling points as he gently approaches-and broaches-the ‘I love you’ juncture.

Although non-verbal demonstrations of affection are sweet, women want to hear a man’s unflinching devotion and commitment to her straight from his reticent (yet kissable) lips. Knowing that males in general are more action-oriented and less talk, a man telling a woman something like ‘I imagine spending our lives together’-or, a more subtle approach, ‘Let’s plan something nice every summer’ clues a woman in on a man’s relationship motives. Ideally, a man and a woman enter into and stay in a relationship for long-term romantic bliss-and if a man channels this message across, a woman might just let her guard down and say that elusive three-letter word back.

Saying sweet nothings is usually just that-nothing. If a guy can’t back up his romantic declarations by not behaving accordingly (i.e. calling his girlfriend his ‘one and only’ whilst keeping a roving eye out for other chicks) or misbehaving, then he is either patronizing a woman or isn’t really sure of what he feels. No love tips for men can work in this sticky situation. A man doesn’t have to drop down on one knee and ask for a woman’s hand in marriage either-that’s just too rash. A ‘promise ring’ is a great idea to let a guy’s significant other know that he is in it for the long haul. After all, she is worth it.

It’s all too easy for a man to get too comfortable around a woman once the initial rush of a new romance has stabilized. He might even strut around her in worn-out boxers and start under-dressing on a Friday night date unlike before. A guy mustn’t act like a frumpy married woman if he wants to prove to the love of his life that he is a what she’s been looking for her entire single life-the man of her dreams. Love tips for men to win the love of a woman start with a man taking better care of himself. If he’s out of shape, he has to shape up. Staying scruffy for more than three days isn’t appealing, either. A guy that is driven by his passions in life (as much as his love for his special woman) is also irresistible.

What if you could seduce any woman you wanted?

I know how hard it can be but you see, as humans, we all have two ways of thinking. Number 1 is using logic or our conscious minds. No. 2 is using emotion or our subconscious minds.

The great thing about seducing women is that they are HARD WIRED to follow their emotional thoughts and feelings that are the same across ALL women… They cannot help it. That’s why so many women fall for the same “ass hole” guys.

Break Out of Bedroom Boredom With These Making Love Tips

Remember back when we first got together with our spouse, girlfriend or partners, nothing could go wrong, and everything the other did was cute, including the bad habits, no making love tips needed. However things change quickly, and what used to be cute is now annoying, what used to be fun and exciting, has become boring, and rest assured, that a relationship on this path is most likely to fail. The divorce rate in the U.S. alone is about 50% of first marriages for men under age 45 may end in divorce, and between 44 and 52% of women’s first marriages may end in divorce for these age groups.

The number one cause of relationship failures is financial problems, with the number two cause being boredom or loss of interest in sex. In this article we will discuss correcting the second most popular reason for breakups, and that is sex life boredom.

Let’s take a small poll right now, and see where you fit in the scope of sexual relationships.

– Do you always have sex in the same place?
– Do you always have sex in the same position or 2?
– Do you always have sex around the same time?
– Does the woman have an orgasm 75% of the time?
– Do your lovemaking sessions ever last more than 30 minutes?

Routine in the bedroom results in boredom, Boredom in the bedroom results in lack of interest, Lack of interest results in relationship failures.

Is your relationship on this path? If so I plan on giving you some making love tips to break out of this rut.

The easiest thing to do, to break monotony in our love lives is have sex in a different place, how easy can it get? There are more rooms in your house than the bedroom, try making love in the shower with the water falling on your head, how about in the bathtub, or in the backyard, Use a tent if you live in a crowded neighborhood. Just by changing the place, will result in new excitement added back into your love life.

Try out some different positions, do you know the positions that give better access to women’s g-spot? Do you even know where the woman’s g spot is? There are positions that are great for guy’s who are a little smaller than average, and positions that are good for guy’s who are a bit on the larger size, chose ones that suit your situation. Painful sex is not enjoyable sex, and can quickly cause a loss of interest.

Did you know that the average woman takes 15-20 minutes of stimulation to achieve an orgasm, guy’s take 3-5. This a large gap that has to be bridged, if you are not bridging this gap, your relationship will be turning for the worse. Women take a lot of foreplay while men do not, sex is 75% mental and 25% physical, learn to stimulate the mind before getting down to the physical.

This is just a small few steps that can improve situations in your love life 100%, but what if I was to tell you that you could take your sex life up a notch to new heights that you and your partner thought not possible. There is a collection of 500 tips and hints on every aspect of the sex life, compiled by a professional certified sex therapist. This could be the most important message you could ever receive.

Love Tips That Will Make Him Fall For You

Do you wish you knew how to make him fall for you? Are you jealous of your friends that have found themselves loving relationships? Do you have trouble creating a lasting bond with a man? Learn what the naturals know about making him fall for you.

Emotional bonding

Physical attraction will ignite a fire in your man but won’t keep him around when the raging fire dies down. To keep him grounded in your relationship you need to emotionally bond with him. Emotional bonds tie two people together intellectually and emotionally and are based on a friendship.

As friends you will learn how he thinks and feels as well as what drives him. Learning his hopes and his dreams and taking an interest in his hobbies and the things that excite him will draw him closer to you. Telling him all about what drives you will make him feel closer to you and will allow you to openly and honestly tell him how you feel and what you would like from the relationship.

Be honest and straightforward

If you lie to him or subvert the truth, he will not want to be with you. Men want women to be honest with them and straightforward. If you can’t do this then maybe you should take some time to yourself until you can do this. No relationship entered into under false pretenses will last for very long.

Postpone sex

You’ve heard it again and again. When you want to form a deeper bond with someone, wait to have sex. The reason it works is that if sex isn’t an issue you can spend your time learning about each other and when you do enjoy that intimacy it will deepen your connection with each other rather than leave you wondering if he’s just there for the sex.

Sometimes you go home with a one-night stand and don’t realize until after you’ve done the deed that you actually like the guy enough to want more with him. So now what do you do? Stop having sex?

In this case if you stop having sex it may seem to him that you are holding back sex to get him to commit to you. You never want to use sex in this way or it will damage a relationship. Rather just try to encourage adding more public dates that don’t necessarily end with sex to your calendar. It may take longer to develop the emotional bond this way but it is worth it.

You too can be a natural when it comes to making him fall for you. Just follow these love tips and you will be moving forward into a whole new world filled with love.

8 Relationship Success Tips For Coupled Gay Men


As gay men, you’ve struggled through and endured all the challenges inherent in finding true love with another man in this homophobic society, but you did it! You found your Mr. Right! So now what?!

Not only did we as gay men not receive any education or guidance in how to date another man, but we certainly didn’t get the training manual on how to sustain a healthy, intimate partnership
with him once we found our ideal guy and decided to form a commitment with him. Gay partnerships can be very rewarding and fulfilling, but they require conscious effort and attentiveness to foster their successful growth and intimacy. What follows is a short tips list that gay couples can use as a quick-reference guide for keeping their relationships on track. Keep these bullet points in mind and you’ll have a solid foundation in place to make your relationship solid gold!

Relationship Success Tips

1. Avoid placing all your emotional needs on your partner.
Develop your own individual identity and through those experiences, your relationship will be enriched as you keep breathing new life into it.

2. Even if you’ve been together a long time, never expect your partner to know what your needs are. Mind-reading and making assumptions only leads to misunderstandings and potential conflicts. Learn to be assertive and ask directly for what you want.

3. Periodically have a “check-in” with your partner to reexamine how the relationship is going and how satisfied you and your partner are. This keeps the channels of communication open and can help renew the relationship, reinforcing the positives and uncovering areas in need of attention before things get too misguided.

4. Characteristic of relationship development, most couples have a diminishment of that honeymoon phase “high” that’s experienced in the beginning of a relationship when they first started dating. This is normal and not a reason to be concerned that there is something necessarily wrong. When this occurs, strive to bring more creativity and vitality into your relationship and sex life to spice things up. Surprise your partner. Be spontaneous and playful. Make him see how special and important he is to you.

5. Examine your satisfaction with the roles you play in your relationship. A real advantage of gay relationships is the ability to be flexible with life roles and not to have to ascribe to traditional sex role stereotypes commonly held in heterosexual relationships. Negotiate such roles and tasks openly and freely with your partner, acknowledging areas of strength and talent in this decision-making.

6. Avoid letting disagreements turn into ugly verbal battles where things could be said that are later regretted. Learn basic anger management principles and know when to call a “Time-Out” to defuse unproductive anger. Also learn how to re-engage following the cool-down period so issues can be resolved peacefully.

7. Protect your relationship legally by seeking assistance from an attorney to obtain the necessary legal documents befitting your particular relationship situation, including such things as power of attorney, wills, beneficiary designations, etc. Planning ahead with such things can insure that you’re each taken care of in the event that something was to jeopardize your union.

8. Don’t let the busyness of life take away from your relationship. Find a balance between work, alone time, friends, family, and time spent as a couple. Make “Date Night” a regular part of your lifestyle where you avoid discussing your problems or issues and just enjoy spending that quality time together. Never take each other for granted and remember that you’re a team.

Making Love Tips Why Love Making Tips Are Sometimes Important

Are you one of the many women wondering if they are giving their man the best sex they ever had? How about the fact that your sex life is becoming too dry and boring these past few days? Do you think you need some making love tips to help spice up things in your relationship? If you do, then this article is the right making love tips for you.

Some people are ashamed when they try to research on making love tips, not because they are scared to be found out, but the stigma attach to be found as a lousy lover is the problem. If this is your predicament, keep this in mind. You have nothing to be ashamed, because the truth not all woman can orgasms easily. Hence a little making love tips to ensure that your partner can be truly satisfied, with tips written below is definitely a start to total enjoyment.

· When sex with your partner is already a must and not a want. This means that sex has become so ordinary now that it is already on schedule, is sign that you must do something before it is too late. So try different positions, one that can surely drive you both to total exhaustion.

· When your love making position is always the same, it is time to become bold and bad. Sometimes, the greatest making love tips are the most ordinary thing that even though it is staring you right in the face, you cannot distinguished or notice it.

· When you cannot even remember the last time you had fun with your partner or special someone, then it is a bad omen. Therefore, it is time to find out the simplest making love tips to bring the spark back in your life. It is good to be in love all over again, make the sex better.

· When there are more quickies than whole night sex. This means that you have already taken sex for granted. It is a sure way for your partner to become bored with you and your sexual relationship. Not a very good thing if you really love one another.

If any of these signs are already happening, then what are you waiting for do something. There is nothing wrong with knowing more, a little bit of making love tips can help you better than anything you can do. It is also a good way to satisfy your curiosity, and save your relationship.

Making Love Tips Using Games

The reason that many long term relationships fail is the result of routines. Many long term relationships come to an end, even after the couple has been together for decades, because of boredom. People are realizing in this day and age that life is too short not to be happy in their lives and will move on if things get uninteresting.

A few making love tips

It is so important to keep things fun and exciting in the bedroom, so we must always be at the top of our game and be on the lookout for new and exciting things to add into the mix. I understand how busy peoples lives are, with work stress, children etc. But who ever said maintaining a good relationship was easy? Relationships are just like anything else in life, you must work at it to improve.

Wearing sexy lingerie and lighting candles is so yesterday, now don’t get me wrong those things still work in some situations but today’s crowd is looking for new and exciting things. This is where sex games come into play. Trying out some sex games will turn the heat back up in the bedroom.

How about adding a little kinkiness to your sex life with some voyeurism. Take turns watching each other masturbate, or better yet, both of you masturbate while watching each other. We all have voyeuristic sides and watching each other might just tap into a sexual side that you didn’t know you had.

An ordinary deck of playing cards can be a great tool for some sex games, assign a sexual task for each card and then lay them face down. Take turns turning a card over and then doing what you previously assigned to that card. For example, Ace equals oral sex, King equals doggy style, Queen equals masturbation, etc. Use your imagination and have fun.

I recommend role playing to a lot of my clients, you can take it as far as you want using props and costumes. Some good role playing suggestions are the prison guard/inmate role play. Teacher/student role play, Pirate/wench role play. If you really want to get adventurous, take your role playing in public and pick your girl up in a bar as if you were strangers that just met.

Many people don’t even think that sexual stimulation and gratification can occur without genital involvement. But did you know that the most powerful sex organ is the mind. Try increasing your sensual (touch, taste, sight, smell, and hearing) sensitivity By working on your partners mind. Normal sex is often a short circuit of sensual pleasure for women. Ninety percent of a woman’s pleasure comes from making love, not the act of intercourse. I’m not implying that they don’t enjoy it. I’m just saying some women, and most men, are missing out on about ninety percent of what they could be experiencing. The secret is stimulating yourself first through fantasy! Thoughts are tremendously powerful! They seem real and feel real ! And remember, your brain doesn’t know the difference between reality and fantasy. Try out some of the role playing suggestions from above to stimulate the mind, it can work wonder in your making love sessions.

These are just a few making love tips and idea’s to add some fun and excitement to your relationship, the key is to have fun with it and get involved. Don’t laugh during the games or it might ruin the mood for the other, and most of all don’t be afraid to experiment.

I have a treat for you all, and it might possibly be the one single reason that makes your relationship last forever. An informational resource on adding spice to your love life, that is packed with 500 of the best ideas and secrets from a certified sex therapist. Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity and get it today.