Turn Spring Fever Into Hot Sex With Erotic Love Tips

Spring is the season for a rebirth of love and romance. Get ready to rejuvenate your sex life and indulge your sexual fantasies with a erotic secrets you’ll learn in my interview with Jeanne Ainslie, a best-selling erotica author whose new novel is titled, A Country Girl.

“Erotica gives women permission to indulge their sexual fantasies without guilt,” says Ainslie. She encourages women to read erotica in the presence of their mate because it breaks through emotional barriers and increases intimacy in your relationship.

Most erotica was written by men using a woman’s pen name. Jeanne Ainslie proudly writes under her real name from the point of view of a woman. Her erotic scenarios are inspired by her real-life fantasies, by her real crushes, and by her experiences being married to a doctor for many years in Vancouver.

Jeanne’s erotica is filled with romance, seduction, the intense longing for a lover and the deep intimate connection you create together. There are erotic scenes every few pages in Jeanne’s novel which give readers ideas how to explore your sexuality and keep your intimate relationship fresh and exciting.

Would you like Jeanne’s simple recipe for hot sex?

Blend together her top 5 ingredients which are an acronym for BLISS:

Baggage–drop your ties to past relationships so you are emotionally free to move forward with a new lover

Love–romantic love combined with sex is more powerful and hot than sex without love

Intimacy–great communication is essential, breaking down walls, fears, insecurities to take a risk with your heart

Sex–be adventurous, be open to sex toys, massage, role playing and create fun surprises for your partner often

Satisfaction–take time to savor whole-body sensuality of loving touch and kissing which produce endorphins that are 200 times more powerful than morphine

Want to discover the naughty treat that every man wants?

Look your lover in the eyes and place the pleasure focus on them by asking, “What can I do to make you feel good?”

Then listen to their request and fulfill it. You are offering yourself as a treat by sharing fantasies and sexual adventures with someone you trust.

What erotic exercise gets women in shape and increases sexual desire?

Belly dancing is an empowering exercise that helps women reclaim their sensuality. It’s another whole-body expression of your sexual power that will spark desire in you and your partner.

Will you use these Love Tips to transform spring fever into hot sex tonight?

Love Tips For Women How to Get Your Man to Commit

Is there anything more frustrating than dating a man for months or worse, for years, with absolutely no mention of a long term commitment? Some men just don’t seem willing to take that walk down the aisle and most of us women are quick to place all that blame on them. It takes two to decide to get married, so maybe it also takes two to sit on the brink of marriage for months or years. If you’re feeling stuck in a relationship with a man you love who seems afraid of commitment there are a few love tips for women that you need to be aware of.

One of the best love tips for women in a relationship with a noncommittal man is to focus on your own life. When you make it clear to a man that you are crazy about him, he’ll see no reason to keep chasing you. Consider the dynamic of your relationship with your man to this point. There’s a very good chance that you tell him often how much he means to you. You’re also likely dating him exclusively. Both of these are clear signs to him that he has you. He sees no reason to move things forward if he already has won your heart. You can remedy this by spending more time focusing on yourself and your own interests. Stop being available to him whenever he wants. Make a point of spending evenings out with your girlfriends. Put a little doubt in his mind and he’ll start to wonder about you having other options.

Make your own plans for the future. If the man you are with hasn’t expressed any views on how he sees his future with you, plan your own future. This can include just about anything from enrolling back in school to upgrade or taking a vacation without him. One of the best love tips for women who want a commitment is take control of your own future. Don’t wait for him to decide what you two will be doing next month, next year or in five years. Plan things just for yourself and then let him know. Make no excuses for it. Make it clear to him that you are your number one priority. Once he sees that you are moving forward without considering him, he’ll be more inclined to want to commit.

Love Tips For a Long Lasting Relationship

An enduring love relationship is built with passion and care, with lots of respect and forgiveness for each other. There are no miracles and no fairy tales in real life love relationships.

Here are some love tips on how to keep the love fire sparking romantically in your daily life:

1. Arrange romantic plans for the weekends such as: a quiet candle light dinner on Friday evening, catching up a romantic movie together, cycling around the country side or having a nice picnic in the park under the big oak tree.

2. Try to switch off your mobiles so that you will not be distracted by any other stuff especially those from your work place.

3. Try to secure as much time as possible having both of you alone, send your kids to their favorite recreation centre during school holidays or weekends.

4. Catching up an old classic sentimental movie at home, which both of you used to be fond of, sharing those happy memories of yours with each other.

5. Share jokes with your partner and laugh out together. Add humor to your life.

6. Switch roles during weekends, husbands get to cook and wash for their wives while the wives gets to do some of the stuffs which their husbands used to do during the weekends such as washing the cars and taking the dogs for a walk in the park.

7. Listen to your favorite music together, sharing some of the stories which you can recall happening to your children which were hilarious and laugh together.

8. Pick up a dancing class together such as ball-room dancing or cha-cha. You will soon rediscover the lost love in each other eyes while practicing along with the rhythm of the song played.

9. Surprise him / her with new ideas such as: he can try to learn to “bake” her favorite cake, while she can get him something which he has been longing for, such as unique collections of toy cars. Tiny gestures like these are important for they show how much you care for your other spouse.

10. Send her / him love cards every other day with kind loving words full of appreciation and passion. You do not need to wait for his/her birthday or wedding anniversary to send special cards or gifts. Express your love whenever you can and as much as you could.

7 Renovation Relationship Rescue Tips

How to effectively communicate with your partner during your building/renovation process.

The fact that you are reading this means that there’s a good chance that you’ve either experienced communication issues yourself during a renovation or perhaps heard of someone else’s experience. Most couples experience a test in the strength of their relationship during the building/renovation process, especially if the couple are living in the home whilst renovating. Therefore, good communication skills are an essential ingredient and will mean the difference between an enjoyable experience or one set for the divorce courts prior to completion.

I have often joked that at times I feel my role in the building/renovation process is half designer and half marriage guidance counsellor! This is why I have taken the time to prepare these tips, in an effort to assist couples eliminate a lot of unnecessary conflict and tension, during what can be a rather complex and stressful time. So here are my 7 Renovation Relationship Rescue tips on how to effectively communicate with your partner during your building/renovation process:

1. Monitor your emotions. Expressing our vulnerability can help resolve conflicts when we express how a certain situation makes us feel, rather than shifting the blame onto our spouse for how we are feeling. Renovating also takes time and energy, so be mindful of your frame of mind and that of your partner before you engage in any emotive communication, otherwise tiredness can easily turn into frustration and anger.

2. Share your viewpoint rather than imposing it. Express your opinion clearly, without prejudice and ask yourself the question “Do I want to be right or do I want to be happy?” If you want to be happy, accept that not all of your ideas and viewpoints will be shared so be willing to compromise. See your viewpoint as exactly that, your own personal opinion and not necessarily the truth. Instead of wasting enormous amounts of energy and time focusing on whose viewpoint is right, work towards an amicable solution to your problem together, to arrive at an end result that you can both agree on.

3. Stick to one topic at a time, taking turns to share your viewpoints. For example, if you are discussing what colour to paint your kitchen don’t digress to what tiles to use in the bathroom. It is also helpful to separate the problem discussion from the problem solution phase, to ensure you hear each other out fully before moving on to try to solve the problem.

4. Speak calmly without shouting, blaming or exaggerating the facts. Stick with the facts and don’t make your comments personal. Generally most disagreements arise more out of how the viewpoints are expressed rather than differences in opinion. Call a time out if emotions escalate and make a mutually agreeable time to reconvene when you are both feeling calmer.

5. Stay mindful and present when listening and make dialogue your only agenda. Hear your partner out fully before responding and be open to your partner’s ideas and reserve judgement, rather than being pre-emptive or dismissive. Give feedback and ask questions to check that you have fully understood what they are trying to say and it also makes your partner feel ‘heard.’ Also don’t try to multi-task as it reduces your ability to be present and listen, if you cannot stop what you are doing then ask to discuss it later and make a time to do so.

7. Build bridges not walls. Even couples who have good communication will get it wrong sometimes and need to make amends. Take action to express some positive feelings toward your partner at the end of each discussion, in order to re-establish your love and appreciation towards them. All too often in relationships couples build walls rather than bridges, focus on what binds you rather than what divides you.

Before you start your building/renovating sit down together and have some fun ‘remodelling’ my 7 Renovation Relationship Rescue tips to develop your own ‘Code Of Ethics’ to stick on your fridge. This is a good, fun way to start working together while you determine your ‘communication rules’ and can be referred back to when you forget the ‘rules of the game.’ Finally, remember to not change the rules of the game once you start and happy playing!