Feeling Tamed in a Relationship Use 3 Love Tips to Wake Up Your Wild Side

If you equate the dopamine rush of great sex with love, then you may be a dupe of dopamine. You may view a temporary lull in passionate intimacy as a loss of love. If your sexual fireworks fade into a more friendly love, if your same old rituals and routines fail to spark passion or excitement as they once did, if you feel tamed and ready to bolt from boring relationship rut, then you’re in the right mindset to use these Love Tips.

Wake Up Your Wild Side And Keep Romance Alive With 3 Smart Love Tips:

1. Stop Complaining

If you feel stuck in a dull or disappointing relationship, you and your partner share equal responsibility for being dull and disappointing.

Complaining about what’s wrong keeps you focused on problems instead of solutions. Thinking about what’s wrong is complaining in silence and equally destructive.

The antidote?

Change your focus to change your relationship. Make a new vow to stop complaining and start suggesting new ways to add excitement in your daily interactions. While you repeat this new behavior for 28 days in a row, you create a new habit that will spice up your relationship. Your new positive attitudes inspire you to use the next love tip.

2. Start Making Love

Making love is not having sex. Making love is:

showing affection throughout the day
listening to your partner
sharing new thoughts and ideas
creating a romantic atmosphere for physical intimacy
enjoying new positions in new places
increasing frequency of your lovemaking
fulfilling your partners needs and desires as well as your own

By now, you’re already using the third Love Tip

3. Live Your Dreams Now

Passion and excitement are created outside the bedroom in all the ways you live your dreams. What excites you the most in life? Are you doing this as often as possible?

Your brain is your largest sex organ. Keep it stimulated by learning and engaging in stimulating conversations with your partner.

Find a tribe of like-minded friends who share your dreams as individuals and couples, and dream together.

Your passion for life is an exciting, erotic and energetic wake-up call to your wild side. It’s impossible to feel dull, disappointed or tamed when passion fuels your life adventures, including the greatest adventure of creating lasting love in an enduring relationship.

The Best Love Tips

Whether you are male or female, we are all looking for love and that special someone to spend our lives with. How do we know if we are on the right track? We can with the right advice pointing us in the direction that we need to go, and with these love tips you can be assured that you are on the right track to catch a new mate!

Love Yourself First

Remember the old saying that you will never find (or keep) that special someone if you do not love yourself first. It is very important that you enter a relationship only if you happy with the way you are. How can you ever expect someone to accept you if you can’t even accept yourself? You can’t and that is why you need to do some self assessment if you plan to enter into a new relationship. Some things you can do are: take care of yourself, treat yourself, get help if you need it, take self defense classes, do something you have always wanted to do.

Try New Outlets

Many people don’t understand why they get stuck with all the losers or all their relationships are abusive. Look at where you find these people. If your dates are always hookups from the bar or with your friends-maybe those are not the places to look for potential mates. Go to places where you are likely to meet individuals with your ideals and similar tastes. Join a club, if in school look for someone with the same major, go to the library and look for people in the area of books you like, go to the park, or look at the ones you work with.

The Internet

There are a lot of dating web services in this age of the internet. Check some of them out! However, stay away from personal ads like Craigslist and the like because that is dangerous. Instead try eHarmony or those types of sites. This promotes communication and not relationships that are based on physical attraction.

These are only a few love tips that can help you find your soul mate, but if you try these tips you will be on your way to heaven!

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Helpful Passionate Loving Relationship Tips For Parents

Discover great passionate loving relationship tips for parents who are still raising children at home. Relationship tips for parents may be very helpful to couples that may have put their intense love for each other on the back burner in order to focus on raising a family. That intense love may slowly diminish over time due to the commitments and obligations of being a parent.

Couples may become less sensitive and caring towards one another. Exhibiting affection can be little to none at all. It is quite unfortunate for parents to lose that loving feeling. Loving and being loved is what empowers us in being responsible, healthy and conscious-minded individuals. Let us explore some ways that may be of help to those seeking a little assistance.

Be present for each other

Being present for one another offers the opportunity of feeling closeness. Listen closely to what is being communicated, trying not to judge but to understand. Allow your partner to express their concerns, problems, and joys. Respond appropriately creating room for growth, balance and intimacy. An important note to take in mind is that you will want to work together in being a united force in the decision making process involving the children. It will present itself to the child that you are working together and will also create a strong foundation of trust between each parent, an important ingredient for loving.

Loving touches

This can be quite nurturing and reassuring that love is still present. This does not have to take place when the children are not present. Take the time to hold hands. Gently caress the back of your partner’s neck or back. Stroke each other’s arm or even the side of the face. Be sure not to hold any limits to hugging. Just as much as children loved to be hugged, we as adults enjoy it just as much, if not more, from our partner. The power of touch is beautiful and is great for stimulating the senses for loving.

Loving words

There is nothing more heart-warming, loving and arousing than using and receiving loving words. These words can be used out of common courtesy and kindness to arousing the senses for sexual pleasure. However the words are expressed, be sure to use them with intention and love of heart. This wonderful channel of communication will allow love to flow freely and openly.

The goal is keep to the fire of love [http://www.harmoniouslove.com/index.html] burning. Love is nurturing and healing to our entire being. Let it flourish. Something very important to keep in mind is that children will be assured a sense of security in the family and as parent’s, you will be setting an example of positive role models for loving.

Love Test Do You Know 3 Sexy Love Tips That Guarantee Healing Sex

Does Sexual Healing really exist or is it a sensual fantasy? Sexual scientists have studied this question ever since Marvin Gaye sang about his soulful hunger for healing sex in his 1982 hit song. What’s so intriguing about sexual healing?

Statistics tells us that married couples often outlive singles. Could healing sex be the reason? Can you measure the health benefits of having sex? Can dating singles reap these benefits in a casual relationship? As you find out the answers to these captivating questions, you will get 3 love tips that lead to the kind of sex Marvin Gaye sang about.

Can you measure the health benefits of having sex?

Many medical studies have measured better heart health. pain relief, a stronger immune system, less depression, less arthritis and longer lives in sexually active adults. There’s a catch. Researchers also discovered that healing sex is rare.

How do you experience it?

You may have to see sex with new eyes. The main goal of sexual healing isn’t orgasm, pleasure or aerobic fitness. It’s your complete connection with your partner in body, mind and spirit. So lusty, casual sex doesn’t qualify.

Based on the findings of sexual scientists, you need these three qualities to reap the health benefits of a sexual relationship:

1. Make a commitment

Casual dating, affairs, intermittent sexual relationships are not healing because these couples don’t create meaningful bonds. It takes at least four years of frequent sex (twice a week minimum) to experience the health benefits that may add happy, vital years to your lifespan.

2. Be kind and respectful

Random acts of kindness begin at home every day. You express kindness by giving compliments, by showing respect, by showing how much you enjoy each others company each day and by treating your partners needs equally with your own.

3. Be truthful

Kind-hearted honesty helps you build a strong emotional bond with total trust.

How do couples and singles use this news?

If you are hiding an emotional or sexual affair from your romantic partner, then you are destroying your foundation for sexual healing.

If you aren’t having sex with your partner at least twice a week, will you rev up your sexual activity and reap the benefits in greater health and romance?

What about dating singles?

Dating relationships often break up long before the four-year mark when sexual healing begins. How could you change your dating behavior to nurture these 3 qualities in an intimate relationship?

Love Tips For Women

Love is a feeling that shows its presence by the deeds that are done in (and by) love and by the words that are spoken. The presence of love is familiar in life but defining it in words is often very difficult… but we all know what it is; don’t we? What are some things that women need to know about love? What are some love tips for women?

1. You must first love yourself! We want him to love us so that we can feel better about ourselves and our lives… don’t we? But love tip no.1 is that it is your responsibility to love and appreciate yourself as a woman and as a person before you can expect him to love you. Expecting him to love you enough for both of you is too heavy a burden for him… and he will run or treat you badly.

2. Loving him is not the same as passively agreeing with him all the time! Women often think that the less trouble that they are… and the more amicable and agreeable they are to the man… then they are loving him selflessly. This is simply giving up your feelings and your self-esteem in the name of love and unfortunately it does not work.

3. His deeds speak more powerfully than his words. Love tip no.3 is that talk is cheap. If he tells you how much he loves and cherishes you and then emotionally and physically abuses you then he is lying to you… he really does NOT love you!

4. You cannot tame the bad boy. Some women want to know that a bad boy so loved them that they gave up their bad ways for them. There is an emotional high that comes from knowing that your love tamed the bad boy… but it rarely works. Usually you become another female wreckage statistic in the bad boy’s past.

5. You CAN love too much! Love tip no.5 is that you can give up your feelings, dreams, aspirations and even self-esteem in the misguided notion that you are loving him. You are not loving him… you are being his slave!

6. He cannot make up for deficiencies in your life. Asking a man to make up for what is not working in your life is too heavy a burden to lay on him. Another love tip is that if you are unhappy with your career or your living situation or whatever… change it; don’t expect your man to ride in and sort it out for you!

7. He cannot read your mind no matter how much he loves you. Yes we ALL wish that we were in a relationship with a mind reader who knew all our expectations of him… and who knew what we wanted when we wanted it. But love tip no. 7 is that his love for you does NOT make him psychic!